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Rewind and Fast Forward Events

Much of the term is taken up with Yvonne leading Collective Worship and taking RE lessons in school


3 times a year the Trust, with the help of volunteers from local churches, run the Rewind events at 3 different venues in the Spen Valley area.  Schools bring the children to a local church where we spend a few hours engaged in activities looking at why Christmas and Easter are so important to Christians.  Fast Forward events help children with the transition up to high school.  


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Making tealight holders as part of Rewind to Christmas .

"Rewind to Christmas was a fun and exciting experience for me.  We watched clips from Wallace and Grommit, Arthur Christmas and Mr Bean and we played a game called Celebrity Santa.  My favourite acitivty was when we made tealight holders.  I had a great time and I learned all about the story of Christmas and Jesus.


Waiting for the other schools to arrive

Time for reflection at the end of the session

Films and Quizzes

Busy with the practicalities

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